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Top Video Editors for Creating Videos to Make Money on Youtube

June 28, 2016

Are you looking at creating videos to make money on Youtube? Not being a professional, something easy to do perhaps and something you can just compile from available clips in your Youtube video channel? Well, easy is a relative word. What is easy to someone may be like taking in a foreign language to somebody else.

So what software could you use to accomplish your goal of making a simple Youtube video? There is a lot of video editing software available but most provide a many good numbers of functions that you may not have the need for and might not even understand.

Easy Video Editing Software to Make Money on Youtube

So for your purpose, you must probably be wondering what the most accessible video editing software is for making Youtube videos. The Software that has an easy learning curve for beginners seeking it only for personal use. This is just enough functions to be able to complete the basic tasks of creating, editing and sharing your video.

Let’s take a look at some of the easy to use video editing software and their properties to determine which suits your editing needs best.

Corel Video Studio Pro X9

For someone just starting, the easiest video editing software that packs a punch would be VideoStudio Pro X9. It is the first VideoStudio version from Ulead that was branded as Corel since the latter bought the former. It is possibly the top digital video editing software.

It is one of the most promising software for beginners to create hundreds Youtube videos and grow popularity. It is a complete video solution in itself that allows you to capture, edit, burn in diverse formats, view and even directly upload to YouTube.

Explaindio Video Creator 2.0

Explaindio Video Creator 2.0 is one of the most popular video editing software in 2015-16. It is growing more popular for the easy to use option and video creating ability. You can create thousand unique videos for your Youtube and earn money with this video editing software.

According to easiest video editing software reviews, it is perfect for those who want to make excellent videos without having to learn how to operate the software for a long time.

Capture is drag and drop, there is a suite of professional templates to use, includes a music maker and options for audio editing. The menu is intuitive.

PowerDirector 14 Ultra

If you’re looking for a fairly intuitive but speedy editor, you can count PowerDirector 14 among the most featured video editing software to consider.  It boasts of Magic Fix and Magic Clean proprietary tools which vastly improve the quality of a poorly shot video.


It can correct common problems such as lighting, noise, white balance and even shaky footage with the help of just a few clicks. The software has limitations concerning features but more powerful software. This software is great for Creating Videos to Make Money on Youtube.

This software has some features such as Adobe Premier, and Final Cut Pro could be classified into the hardest video editing software. These would be more appropriate for experienced users or professional editors.

Open Source Software for Making Youtube Video

How about free editing programs for videos that are a breeze to use? There are many open source software or free downloadable software such as Debug Mode Wax, AVIedit, Movie Storm, Movica, Virtual Dub, Cinefx, and Zwei-Stein. You can use these video editing software and make money on Youtube very easily.

Now you know, a good many choices are available to pick from among the easiest video editing software, whether you want powerful tools or speed or when you need to consider the budget. But all of them allow you to impress your viewers with your professional looking amateur home video.




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